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Why Thinktech

Why thinktech?

  We are the official and authorized RangeForce training partner in Australia and the wider APAC region

  We are a dedicated training organization, specializing in technical disciplines and providing training courses in the areas of engineering, networking, Smart Buildings, IoT, digitalization, automation, cybersecurity and related subjects

  We are serving educational, commercial, IT, data centre, retail, financial industries among others

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Team-based exercises

Build cyber readiness with team-based threat exercises.

Is your team prepared for its next threat? Validate your defensive skills together, against realistic attack scenarios.

Thinktech Course Description

Face cyber threats before they happen in the real world.

RangeForce enables world-class cybersecurity exercises at scale. Safely introduce your team to real threats, vulnerabilities, and attack scenarios in highly realistic emulated environments.

Real Attack Scenarios

Design an exercise specific to your team’s needs. Defend against attacks taken right from the headlines to protect your organization.

Continuous Upskilling

Assess and refine your cybersecurity playbooks in action to optimize team operations. Improve security orchestration to use the right tools at the right time.

Safe and Scalable Environments

Execute team-wide RangeForce exercises remotely or in-person. Access emulated exercise environments safely via the cloud-based RangeForce platform.

Experience realistic, hands-on training that tests your ability to identify and respond to the latest cyber threats.

Thinktech Course Breakdown

How It Works

RangeForce threat exercises assess your team’s defensive capabilities during high-intensity, real-world attack scenarios.

Elevate your team with the next generation of cybersecurity simulation.

1 Configure your security stack

Build an emulated network featuring both commercial and open-source security solutions.

2 Chose an attack scenario

Choose from a library of pre-built attack scenarios, including Web Defacement, Data Exfiltration, and Ransomware.

3 Execute your threat exercise

Run multi-hour exercises with your team to better understand skills coverage, detection and response tactics, as well as critical non-technical skills like communication and cooperation.

4 Review post-exercise results

Debrief with RangeForce engineers to review your team’s performance.

5 Build a targeted training plan

Follow post-exercise recommendations to build a targeted skills development program for your team.


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