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Technician / User Proficient

Why Thinktech

Why thinktech?

  We are the only Tridium Niagara 4 certified all-training partner in the world

  We limit all our virtual certification classes to 8 attendees and face-2-face to 12 to allow for the finest learning experience and providing the best student-to-trainer ratio in the world

  We are a dedicated training organization, specializing in technical disciplines and providing training courses in the areas of engineering, networking, Smart Buildings, IoT, digitalization, automation, cybersecurity and related subjects

  We are serving educational, commercial, IT, data centre, retail, financial industries among others

  Our team is available to provide local and tailored customer support

  We offer attractive pricing and multiple training dates

Thinktech Course Description

Course description

Niagara 4 Technician / User Proficient course provides the foundations to use the most integrated system in the world.

– Program designed for technicians, end users, operators, consultants and engineers from different backgrounds and trades, and all people/organizations that are not currently Tridium partners and cannot access TCP training.

– The course delivered over 4 days and covers most aspects of Niagara.

– All demonstrations provided using real life software environment instead of traditional powerpoint presentations.

– All students are encouraged to work through series of labs designed to reinforce learning.

– Although prior Niagara experience is beneficial, it is not essential.

The course ends with the exam testing the knowledge of main Niagara framework areas, after passing the exam, the attendee is awarded the Niagara 4 Technician / User Proficient certificate.  The certificate demonstrates the expertise to use Niagara 4.

The course is delivered as in class training in major cities in Australia and virtual classroom globally, where all you need is the internet browser. It can be also arranged as a private class and delivered at your location.

Thinktech Dates

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Thinktech Course Breakdown

Course breakdown

Day 1

– Introduction and software overview

– Platform and station fundamentals

– New Niagara 4 station

– Logic components

– Tagging and dictionaries

– PID loops

– Alarms and notifications

– Histories and trends

Day 2

– Graphics

– More complex control logic

– Schedules

– BACnet integration

– Network architecture

– Program service

– Commissioning Jace

Day 3

– Security and user administration

– User roles and categories

– Niagara network integration

– Platform and station services in detail

Day 4

– Review of learning and small project

– Test project


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