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Why Thinktech

Why thinktech?

  We are the official and authorized RangeForce training partner in Australia and the wider APAC region

  We are a dedicated training organization, specializing in technical disciplines and providing training courses in the areas of engineering, networking, Smart Buildings, IoT, digitalization, automation, cybersecurity and related subjects

  We are serving educational, commercial, IT, data centre, retail, financial industries among others

  Our team is available to provide local and tailored customer support

  We offer attractive pricing and corporate discounts

Thinktech Course Description

Why Battle Skills?

RangeForce offers hundreds of interactive training modules on a variety of cybersecurity topics. With Battle Skills, you’ll have access to our full training library, including all available Battle Paths, and all new training modules developed by our team of cybersecurity experts.

Battle Skills is an ideal resource for individuals looking to continuously hone their personal cybersecurity skills. For teams, it serves as an essential tool in the ongoing mission to ensure cyber resilience and security orchestration. It also provides security leaders with key insights regarding a team’s strengths and weaknesses. Use Battle Skills to experience advanced security tools in action and stay up-to-date on the latest known threats.


The RangeForce Platform


RangeForce operates as a cloud-based and on-demand solution. It’s accessible via a web browser and is easy to deploy for both individuals and teams. The core of the RangeForce solution is an integrated cyber range. Training modules reflect real-world environments, with real IT infrastructure, real security tools, and real cyberattacks.

Thinktech Dates

Experience advanced security tools in action

Platform Features:

 Software and network emulation
 Interactive, hands-on training
 Virtual teaching assistant
 Cloud-based and on-demand
 Learner goals and objectives
 Achievement-based badging

Battle Paths:

 SOC Analyst 1
 SOC Analyst 2
 Threat Hunter
 Web Application Security (OWASP)
 Microsoft Core Security

Solution-Specific Training:


Thinktech Course Breakdown

RangeForce Platform Features


Realistic network simulation


RangeForce’s simulation environment delivers advanced cyberattacks against enterprise networks that reflect real-world environments. Browser-based courses provide hundreds of hours of content reflecting the latest known threats.


Virtual Teaching Assistant


The Virtual Teaching Assistant delivers guidance and advice to assist learners in mastering complex subjects.


Attack bots


RangeForce training and challenges include both blue team and red team exercises. Our automated attack bot takes the work out of scenario building and will surprise you with targeted attacks right from the headlines.


Comprehensive reporting


RangeForce delivers a single point of visibility to track your team’s strengths and weaknesses. Quantitative assessment and targeted training work together to transform teams.




Engaging training includes the right amount of competition and incentives to keep things interesting.


Cloud-based Platform-as-a-Service Model


The RangeForce platform is an advanced cloud-based platform and cyber range. It is always accessible and can be run in an internet browser.

Experience realistic, hands-on training that tests your ability to identify and respond to the latest cyber threats.


Flexibility is Key to Cyber Defense


There’s a worldwide shortage of available cybersecurity talent. Teams have to deal with both workforce shortfalls and gaps in subject matter expertise. To overcome these challenges, RangeForce can be deployed to cross-train cyber team members, transition skilled IT personnel into security roles, and quickly upskill new hires. RangeForce gives security leaders real tactics to improve cyber skills across the team.

RangeForce Training Modules


RangeForce training modules are developed by cybersecurity experts, for cybersecurity experts. Our content ranges from foundational to advanced and covers a number of topics, including security operations, DevOps, application security, and ICS/OT.


RangeForce training improves threat detection and response effectiveness, while providing security leaders with a clearer understanding of individual and team capabilities.

Develop and Train Continuously


Our training platform is home to over 450 modules. We offer training across cybersecurity concentrations, including SOC, DevSecOps, AppSec and more. Modules offer interactive, hands-on exposure to emulated security solutions and the latest known threats. Battle Paths are availabl for in-depth, role-specific training designed to ensure operational readiness for you and your team.

Discover and Assess Talent


Cultivate talent internally and externally with assessment and training. Evaluate job candidates to better understand their capabilities and fit for your team. Create an internal talent pipeline through cross-training and assessment while simultaneously increasing security expertise throughout the organization.

Reduce Training Costs


Cut costs associated with conventional online and classroom based cybersecurity training. Facilitate remote and on-demand training to meet your team’s specific needs. Eliminate the prohibitive barriers associated with building and maintaining your own cyber range.

Training Features


Hundreds of training modules, with new modules delivered weekly.

Role-based learning designed to meet a team’s needs.

Interactive lessons, including step-by-step guidance and support.


Success Stories

Financial Institution Case Study

See how the RangeForce simulated training platform helped Barclays:


 Improve security culture, coordination, and cooperation across global teams.

 Increase the rectification of security flaws at speed.

 Continuously upgrade the cyber skill of individuals in a measurable way.

Software Provider Case Study

See how the RangeForce simulated training platform helped Pipedrive:


 Cut training costs by 40%.

 Increase self-reported cyber-incident detection by 30%.

 Identify new security talent inside the company eliminating expensive hiring needs.

 Evolve their security culture and prepare teams to defend against more sophisticated attacks.

Higher Education Case Study

See how the RangeForce simulated training platform helped Tallinn University of Technology:


 Decrease the preparation and evaluation time of lessons by 90%.

 Deliver real-world, hands-on cyberattack simulations turning student into real cyber defenders.

 Increase the scale and scope of course work while also increasing the number of students enrolled.

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