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Why thinktech?

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Battle Fortress Cyber Range

Is your team truly prepared for a cyberattack? Battle Fortress is a hyper-scalable cyber range that enables teams to execute realistic blue and red team exercises.

Give your team the chance to respond to real threats and vulnerabilities cooperatively. Our on-demand cyber range replicates your IT infrastructure and security stack, creating an ideal environment for a team to assess and optimize its resilience.

By incorporating pre-built exercises, RangeForce Battle Fortress can create effective training experiences while cutting the prohibitive cost and resources associated with conventional cyber range solutions.

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How It Works

Incident detection and response is a team affair and should not be performed in silos.

RangeForce exercises test your team’s ability to react and collaborate during real-world, high-intensity cyberattacks.


Real life cyber attack simulation


When a Battle Fortress exercise starts, teams are thrown into high-intensity attacks where revenue and reputation are on the line. Scenarios are as ‘real’ and complex as possible, so you feel like you are fighting on the frontlines.


Attacks are taken right from the headlines


Battle Fortress exercises include advanced attacks like Shellshock and Heartbleed and adversary techniques like XSS, backdoors, lateral movement, network reconnaissance, DDOS, and rootkits.


Team activity monitoring


Working with your existing operations, processes, and technologies, security teams must work together to find, identify, contain and remediate the attack.


Quantitative and qualitative analysis of teamwork


The final part of the exercise is a team debrief where strengths and weaknesses are identified, processes are improved, and training is more focused so that teams continuously improve.


Fast, safe, and scalable environment


RangeForce simulations are hosted on a cloud-based platform that allows IT professionals to experiment with complex attacks in an isolated and safe environment.


Fast setup, easy operations


You can spin up a new Battle Fortress exercise in just a few hours. Gone are the heavy operational costs of managing a cyber range. RangeForce delivers online and onsite sieges for testing teamwork or individual skill level at competitions.

Experience realistic, hands-on training that tests your ability to identify and respond to the latest cyber threats.


See Battle Fortress in Action.

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